Ramid Hussein
23.03.2017, 14:27

А little long in the answers support email, but the payment is received successfully. I tried to buy coins at a price of 1-1, sold at a rate of 0.8 as indicated on the website edinarcoin. great exchanger. I recommend

23.03.2017, 14:14

The exchange rate is high, fast and efficient. I exchanged EDC that I had previously bought for PM. Cool, thank you very much

22.03.2017, 14:46

Все супер !!! Продал единаркоины по курсу 1 к 1 $

30.05.2016, 11:32

Все чітко по регламенту!Рекомендую!

26.05.2016, 15:01

Неправильно вывела деньги и думала что потеряла их спасибо обменнику деньги попали на нужную карту и все оперативно

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