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Benefits of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the ancient ways of passing information from one generation to another. Older people would share stories and experiences of the past by telling interesting stories that fully relate to what they wish to convey to the younger generation.it was regarded as a way of exchanging information and extending ideas.as the main goal was to provide a common thread that would unite cultures, teach the acceptable codes of conduct as well as bridge the gap cultural gaps. Today, storytelling is still regarded as a form of passing information as well as allowing the listeners to experience the magical and sense of wonder. They are encouraged in schools, places of worship and even social places like the museums. This is because many people believe that there are numerous benefits to telling stories. This article will analyze some of the benefits of telling stories.

Stories facilitate cultural understanding by the younger generation who know less about their communities.it is usually an interesting way of conveying messages to shape the thoughts and feelings of the listener. For instance, when you read funny stories to children, they are able to experience different worlds apart from the one they are in. Similarly, they are able to understand respect and appreciate the existence of other people and creatures in the world.it helps sharpen their listening skills and focus as they try to analyze the story in order to understand the hidden message in it.it is good tom ask simple questions after a few minutes to ensure that they are alert. This will enable them to be very keen and not drift away as the story progresses.

Another importance of telling stories is that it creates imagination and curiosity. The listener will experience different worlds as they listen to the story and this will help shape their way of communication and expressing themselves. For instance, if the story is being told to a child, they are able to communicate what is in their mind by asking questions from what they are creating in their minds. Thus, this boosts their speaking and listening skills as well as the rate of concentration. Children learn easily by imitating what the adults are doing and saying. Therefore, storytelling telling can be a great way to teach kids how to speak fluently and confidently.

Additionally, storytelling enhances the bond between the storyteller and the listener. This is because they are able to spend some time together doing a similar thing. Hence, they are able to connect with each other enhancing the relationship between them. People prefer telling stories when they are free and relaxed. Thus, it can be used as a form of passing time and leisure. Another vital benefit of telling stories is lowering stress and anxiety. Stories are not only used to entertain and pass time, they allow someone to fantasize and create imaginary realms as they listen to a captivating story. This draws them to a different world allowing them to forget what they are going through easily. Hence, lowers the stress and anxiety levels in the listeners.

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